Year 10 Mock Examinations – Tuesday 21st May to Friday 31st May 2024

Dear Year 10 Parents/Guardians and Students,

Year 10 Mock Examinations will take place from Tuesday 21st May to Friday 31st May 2024.

The format of these exams will allow students to experience how a formal exam series feels. It will also enable subject teachers to assess students on the breadth of content covered in the course. This will be followed by a report cycle to provide feedback on your child’s attainment at this stage in the (I)GCSE course.

During the examination period, students will be placed on study leave, meaning they are only expected to be onsite when sitting an exam. If students do not have an exam in the second session, they will be expected to leave the school site and continue their preparations at home. On days when students have an exam in both the first and second sessions, they will be expected to return home between the exam sessions. After the morning examination, students should go home, have lunch and then return to school for the afternoon session. If travelling home is an issue for those living further away, please ask your child to communicate this with us so we can make alternative arrangements.

Format of Mock Examinations:

There will be two exam sessions per day (in most instances), both of which will be held at the Sixth Form campus of DBIS, at the North Plaza.

  • Students will have an exam in every one of their examined subjects.
  • Students who have examinations during the first session should arrive at school at the regular time (before 8.30am).
  • On days when students just have a second exam session, they must arrive 30 minutes before the start of their exam.
  • Registration (along with signing out) will occur with Ivy at the Sixth Form reception. Students need to register upon arrival AND departure from the Sixth Form Campus. 
  • Monday 20th May will be a regular school day.

The Year 10 mock examination timetable (linked below) details essential information for the students and includes supplementary information relating to self-management and wellbeing strategies that may benefit your child during this period. Please encourage them to review and reflect on these.


We take this opportunity to wish the students every success during this important time in their (I)GCSE programme.

If you have any questions regarding the mock exam process, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,

Tracey Smal
Head of Year 10

[email protected]