Year 11 PTSC Booking Link

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Please be reminded that the Year 11 Parent–Teacher–Student Conference (PTSC) will be held on Tuesday 23rd January 2024. Students are expected to attend alongside their parents.

As mentioned in the advance notice last week, this will be a valuable opportunity to come together and discuss academic updates, goal setting and planning, receive tailored advice, identify areas where additional support may be needed and suggest resources or interventions to help in order to either achieve or maintain aspiration grades.



Date: Tuesday 23rd January 2024

Two options will be available:


  1. Online conferences via Google Meet (only between 4.3pm and 5.30pm)
  2. In-person conferences in the Globe Theatre (only between 5.45pm and 8pm)


Parents and students will be able to choose only one of the above options i.e. either online or in person.  

The booking link will close on Sunday evening 21st January.


Best regards

Amrith Prabhu