Year 5’s Tuesday Mornings

Dear Year 5 Families,

We are so excited that we are able to welcome our Year 5 students back on Tuesday mornings! It will be absolutely lovely to be together as a year group and celebrate the student’s academic and social achievements altogether.

The day will start a little bit earlier than usual at 8am and finish at 11.30am. The afternoon lessons will go ahead as normal online from 1pm – 3pm. During the morning, we are going to be focusing on the pupil’s collaboration and communication skills, giving the students opportunities to work together on creative projects – skills that have not been so easy to practice online!

We will not be needing the pupils to bring in their Chromebook or exercise books. We will be going for a screen-free morning with teachers and EA’s taking pictures for Seesaw and keeping a log of the work that they do in school. We will only ask that they bring in a pencil, ruler and rubber when they came in, along with their hat, water bottle and snack. The canteen will not be open during this time.

The Tung Chung bus will be running and the timings have been adjusted so that the pupil’s will arrive at 8am and be picked up at 11.30am.

Unfortunately, due to all teachers and EA’s conducting live lessons on Tuesday mornings, we will be unable to provide any online lessons. If you are unable to make it into school then please do use that time to do some independent reading or arts and crafts.

We are incredibly grateful that we are able to reunite on Tuesdays and hope that the pupils are just as excited too!

Best wishes,

The Year 5 Team