Year 6 Celebration of Learning – Tuesday 19th March

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Year 6 are pleased to confirm that our next Celebration of Learning event will take place on Tuesday 19th March between 8.35am and 9.10am.

We will be hosting a Waxwork Museum in the DBIS gym, where the children will take on the role of a migrant that they have researched and answer your questions in role! The children are encouraged to dress for the part they are playing in the Waxwork Museum.

All parents and family members are invited to come along on this date.

In class over the coming days, the children will be selecting their focus migrant and will spend some time preparing for this.

We hope you all enjoy celebrating our learning from our Term 2 unit of inquiry: ‘Why do people migrate?’

Best wishes,
The Year 6 Team